The 7 wonders of the world, destinations full of culture and excitement. Surely we have all thought of visiting the 7 wonders from time to time or at least implant it in our brains as a “must see before I die”, so then why do many people tend to ignore vacationing to these destinations?

Time to make that long-lasting dream a reality, because here are some reasons why you should take notice about visiting the 7 wonders.

Petra. Yes, the lost city made famous from an Indiana Jones movie; if you are planning a trip to Petra, experiencing the cool Bedouin lifestyle of living in a cave is a must, as well as actually walking around the whole city.

Great Wall of China. How can you resist not seeing a 21,196km wall made to protect China from invaders during the Ming Dynasty? Not only are you walking on a piece of historical wonder, it creates a great photo opportunity.

Colosseum. The Colosseum might seem a bit overrated, but it’s still a must at least once in your life. It is one of the biggest remembrance of the ancient Roman history.

Chichen Itza – the fusion of Mayan and Toletc architecture, art, and culture. This amazing wonder consists of several temples worth exploring.

Machu Pichu. Like Chichen Itza, this wonder consist of an intricate system of building worth exploring, but the only difference would be this is a whole lost city worth exploring – a one-in-a-lifetime experience.

Taj Mahal.Hands down, one of the most amazing architect sites ever created. You won’t only enjoy a beautiful view, but a knowledge into historical architect.

Christ the Redeemer. The statue that has long represent Brazil. A photo in front of this amazing structure is a must if you head to Brazil.

So in conclusion, the 7 wonders themselves are why you need to visit them, just always remember to prepare beforehand in terms of your budget, time, and visas.