Recent newly-weds? Then congratulations! However, have you thought of your next big life decision? That’s right, your honeymoon – the best time to enjoy a nice relaxing moment as husband and wife. Choosing the right honeymoon destination is crucial, you don’t want to end up with a terrible time that will lead to fights and a rough patch to your new life. So let’s avoid any mishap and take a look at some of these great honeymoon destinations.


Kenya is one of the most romantic places around, with the most spectacular sunset, amazing wildlife, and hot air balloons. The combination of all these things will lead to a relaxing and beautiful time.

KoSamui, Thailand

If you are more of a beach-goer, then have a go at KoSamui – a large island in the Gulf of Siam – that has a range of beaches available with a secluded atmosphere. Here, you can enjoy a nice and relaxing time on the beach, as well as some outdoor activities like kayaking, snorkeling, and diving.

New Zealand

New Zealand is filled with the most amazing natural views and greeneries. It is the perfect honeymoon destination if you are looking for a relaxing valley-like atmosphere, but still within a city landscape.

Costa Rica

Known as one of the happiest places on earth, Costa Rica provides a range of world-class hotels and resorts, prefect for a beautiful time. With great beaches, tropical rainforests, and amazing wildlife, you can have your pick on what to do.

Venice, Italy

Known as one of the most romantic cities out there, it is the perfect place to just enjoy each other’s company while surrounded with beautiful architect and urban scenery.