Ready to go on vacation? Then time to decide where you want to go. It’s normal to want to visit many places, but with limited time and money, time to prioritize your travel destinations. As great as famous and mainstream destinations are, it’s time to think of some of those destinations that are not often thought of. Try something new and stop following the crowd, so here are a few places you can visit.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

So you may be wondering what and where is this? This capital of Slovenia – a small European country next to Croatia – is filled with medieval architect that has stood untouched from distress, lined with quaint café strips perfect for enjoying city life in a relaxing and calm atmosphere.

Andaman Island, India

The Andaman Island is one of the most remote beach destinations in the world. This amazing archipelago is filled with stunning coral reefs and marine life; it is also left as if untouched, so you can still experience the raw nature.

Western Australia, Australia

Not many people are aware about Western Australia other than Perth, but WA actually consists of amazing natural wonders – from the home of the famous Wave Rock, Margaret River, and even a man-made Stonehenge. Margaret River, Monkey Mia, and Esperance are some of the go-to places there – providing great winery and breath-taking beaches.


If you’re into an adrenalin packed trip, then try Wales. Filled with mountain and rock terrains that are perfect rock climbers and adventure seekers.

Canggu, Indonesia

Located on the island of Bali, this coastal village provides a less-crowded scene into the enjoyments of Bali, with many surfing and other water activities available, as well as yoga and Muay Thai classes. If not, you can also lounge in some great cafés and restaurants.