Sometimes a fancy night out is all you need to just let go. A night out dining in a 5 star restaurant, dressing up in the most expensive clothes you have, or enjoying expensive Champaign; all these things can help you feel a bit classy from time to time and what better way to do it than by riding in style.

Many people avoid renting out luxury cars due to its expensive price – if you’re going to spend that much on a car, you would like to at least own it right? Well luxury cars don’t only have to be limited to the rich and the famous, anybody can enjoy that bit of luxury once in a while, which is why following some tips to rent your perfect luxury car is highly recommended.

Go online

Check for some rental sites online, there are plenty you can research and browse for on the net and not only that, it helps a lot when trying to compare rates. Look for multiple sites, that way you can compare the different existing sites and choose which will suite your budget best.


When are you planning on renting the car? Is it for a weekend basis or weekly basis and for how long? If you were looking to have that real-feel of owning a luxury car and would like to rent it for 7 days, then the weekly rate would be a better option – you would usually save 30% if you use it for the full 7 days – and if you were to return it after 5 days then you could save more than 10%. While if you had more flexible booking days, then a weekend rate would be the cheaper choice.

Book early

The earlier you book, the better rates you get. Reserve your car a week in advance at least.

Rethink insurance

Most rental insurance comes with cover for collisions and losses to the rental company, however, if you already had insurance and they covered the same things, then it is better not to waste your money.

So get to it and enjoy your luxury car!