Receiving that well-deserved vacation time is everybody’s dream, but buying that long-awaited flight ticket is everybody’s nightmare. Finding the right ticket that’s affordable and will guarantee the best experience is not always an easy task, some people even call it a skilled art form, but the following tips below can help you do just that.

Check regularly

The thought of finding quality tickets for such a cheap price may sound impossible, but it’s out there. Make sure to check regularly for any available tickets. Prices change constantly and fluctuates from time to time, which is why it’s always great to check early on and often.

Find the right time

Some days are cheaper than others and understanding that purchasing too early or too late will be your downfall. The most conducive time would be 3 to 4 months in advanced and the cheapest times would be during unpopular travel days – including Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday – and during dawn. Be aware of holidays and seasonality – vacation time always double in prices.

Compare flights

Use the many available flight comparing sites, such as WeAir, or simply open the site and see what options work for you. Remember, prices fluctuate so constantly comparing is important.

Sign up for airfare alerts

this way they’ll come to you for any promos or deals available. This will keep you in track of any new sales and when there is a limited number of seats.

Buy the tickets one-at-a-time

This will actually save you more money due to the availability of cheaper tickets being sold in single packs; flight reservation systems actually require multiple tickets to be sold at the same price. By purchasing your tickets one-by-one, you can save a few bucks.

Just a few tips to take into account; just remember the perfect tickets are out there, just think smart.