Vacationing in Qatar is always a great experience; to enjoy the beautiful city view, the malls and cafés, culture and history, and the great beaches and resorts. However, time is scarce and having to go around Qatar on your own is not a simple task, which is why renting a car is always an option. Renting a car when faced with limited time and to make sure you have the most pleasurable time you could possibly manage is a smart choice, so here are some tips in renting a car in Qatar.


To rent a car in Qatar, you would need to bring your original passport, Qatar ID – if you have one, driving license, and a form of payment – which may be in the form of a credit card or cash, generally of 2,000QR for a deposit.


As mentioned, renting a car in Qatar generally costs 2,000QR per month depending on the make and model of the car.

Driving rules

In Qatar you drive on the right side of the road and must be 18 years old to drive. Qatar also has very strict laws in terms of driving, such as the use of cellphones on the road, speeding, drink driving, and overtaking on the wrong side of the road. All front seat passengers must wear seatbelts as well.

No toll roads in Qatar.

Where to rent

There are many online outlets for renting cars in Qatar – you may also compare the different prices online, which will help a lot in choosing what rental company would suite your budget best. Some sites you can look at are,,, and; bear in mind there are plenty of sites out there that you can compare with.

So now that you know some tips on renting a car in Qatar, start comparing your prices and enjoy your holiday on the road.