Tips on Going to Lebanon

Lebanon is a beautiful country filled with culture, history, amazing cuisine, and untouchable beaches. Unfortunately, not too many people are aware of this nor are they interested in visiting due to current political situations, but what they don’t know, Lebanon is actually an amazing tourist destination with great experiences – when done right of course.

So, in order to create that great holiday experience, below are a few tips to take when going to Lebanon.

Booking your flights

In booking your flights to Lebanon, there are plenty of travel companies out there that can provide you with promos and sales; a good site to see may include WeAir. WeAir would usually provide sales for certain times during the season. It also helps to compare different airline companies because each one provides different rates and one may be cheaper than the other.


When should you head off to Lebanon? Well, Lebanon experiences a Mediterranean climate, so that means hot and humid summers and cool-wet winters; meaning you do not want to be stuck in the hot humid summer season – unless you like humid weather of course. The hottest months in Lebanon are in July and August and the best times to visit are during April to November – during spring, summer, and autumn.


You need to know where to go in Lebanon and though Beirut seems like the go-to destination, there actually plenty of hidden gems within Lebanon that does not focus solely on the capital city. Some places worth seeing are Zaarour, Chekka, Bsharri, Tripoli, and Tannourine. All these places have their own unique sceneries and specialties, where you can enjoy historical villages, amazing views and waterfalls, beaches, city-scape, and even a ski resort during winter.

So time to discover something new and head over to Lebanon!