If you were looking to go city hopping for your travels, then you would need to start planning from now. There are plenty of cities out there to visit, but the question is which ones are the best?

Every city has their own traits and uniqueness, which can make deciding where to go a bit difficult; this is why it’s always handy to take a look at some of the tips for best cities to visit this year.

Reykjavíc, Iceland

ReykjavÍc is the capital of Iceland, with a great art scene, nightlife, and serene calmness all in one. ReykjavÍc is a great place to enjoy a crazy nightlife of parties and being hung over and a nice peaceful walk surrounding great views while enjoying a coffee in one of the quaint little cafés on the street or soaking in their hot baths; so whatever you are up for, ReykjavÍc pretty much has the solution.

Seoul, South Korea

Seoul is a bustling and beautiful city filled with culture and a great pop scene. For all the K-pop fans out there, it’s definitely a place to see, but if you’re not, you should see it anyways. Seoul is actually home to some of the coolest underground scenes out there, with graffiti invested arts and bars and hidden restaurants, it’s a great city to enjoy a mix of modern and traditional.

Agra, India

Agra is a place famous for the Taj Mahal and though it is a big reason to go to Agra, it is not the only reason. Agra is actually filled with many historical sites other than Taj Mahal, such as the monuments and tombs lining the Yamuna River Bank. Agra also has a great art scene with their Taj Mahotsav Arts Festival in February.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Amsterdam is a city with culture, great architect, museums, and great bars and restaurants. There are many new features to Amsterdam, where you can enjoy a great art culture of skating, biking, films, and many more.